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Dolphin Seating

When You Need Quality and Affordability, Dolphin Seating is the Only Logical Choice.

You can count on Dolphin Seating having the BEST PRICE and BEST WARRANTY in the industry. Other seating company's offer only a 1 or 3 or 5 year warranty while Dolphin offers a 8 year factory warranty , parts and labor for any factory defects. Though we know our seating will serve you well beyond the 8 year warranty, we offer the longest warranty because we know our seating is built to last.

On the Wall

On The Wall! inc. was conceived in 2001 with the realization that most local small and medium sized companies across the country were not able to find a source of advertising in which to market themselves in a focused, effective and cost efficient manner. 

On The Wall’s successful approach to marketing employs today’s innovative digital technologically. On The Wall was the first Cinema Advertising company in the entire nation to step up to a digital format. We continue to revolutionize the industry with the use of Digital Cinema Projectors for PreShow content, also being the first in the nation.  Today we are recognized as the industry standard for PreShow content delivery.

Cost effective and captive, On-Screen advertising is a marketing medium that is unsurpassed! On-Screen advertising continues to grow, unlike the declining mediums of Television, Radio and Newspaper. No turning the page or changing the channel, you are guaranteed to be seen by a huge and captive audience.

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