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Location Search

Years of experience in understanding the market demands and critical components for theater survival and optimal performance uniquely qualify AE to both find and evaluate potential locations.


Feasibility Studies

AE can provide a full feasibility study for the client's use in presentation to banks, partners, and other investors. The feasibility report includes demographic study and analysis, projected P&L statements (5-10 years) coordinated to MPAA information and market recommendations.


Business Planning

Feasibility studies can be expanded to include fully developed business plans. AI will work with the client in developing the business plan including management and staffing requirements, marketing strategy/plan, operating and growth plans, competitive market analysis.


Budget Development

AE's staff will work closely with the client to develop a realistic budget for the actual development and operation of the cinema.


Brand/Marketing Development

AE can develop a branding identity and marketing material for the client's use in project presentation to major studios, potential partners and customers.