Cinema Operations

Film Booking Services

AE's expert staff has decades of experience negotiating with studios for access to all film releases, and programming the correct mix of films to maximize audience size in particular demographics. AE will program your cinema on a weekly basis, ensuring that new films are selected, contracted and delivered on a reliable basis. The service includes all aspects of film buying, including terms negotiation, weekly film changes, shipping logistics, and all film remittance accounting.


Marketing and Social Media Services

AE provides marketing and Social Media services including web site design and support.  Our team can assist in building your digital media profile to streamline marketing costs and get your business more exposure, creating endless opportunities to connect with your guests.


Film Studio Relations

Decades of close studio relationships allows AE's clients direct access to meetings with studio executives. AE's team can assist the client in presenting its project to all the major studios and gaining studio acceptance and support.


Audit & Evaluation

AE's expert operations consultants will visit and inspect on-going operating cinema businesses and provide an evaluating report with recommendations that can be implemented to improve profitability.

Actors are
agents of change.
A film,
a piece of theater,
a piece of music,
or a book
can make a difference.
It can
change the world.
-Alan Rickman

Executive/Management Hiring & Training

AE will train the client's executives and management team to properly administrate the various departments necessary to efficiently operate a multiplex cinema. AE can train on location, or arrange for training at an off-site multiplex already in operation.

Operations Staffing

AE's expert operations consultants can assist the client in screening, qualifying and hiring the operations staff.


On Site Operations Training

AE has a training program to prepare the cinema management and operations staff before and during the grand opening and can support operations through the first days of operation.


Grand Opening/Special Event Services

AE's staff can help plan and coordinate client's grand opening and other special events. AE's close relationship with the major studios can be leveraged to acquire studio support for these events.

The Arcangelo family of companies, including Arcangelo International and Arcangelo Entertainment, are structured to offer a complete array of expert services to any client interested in developing their own cinema-based business. These services in combination will develop a cinema project from early development, through design, construction and staffing delivering a successfully operating cinema-based business.